WYD FIll Me In – Eggs

Here is my comic for the topic ‘Eggs’

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Hehe poor Tonbarry! We will miss you! ๐Ÿ˜€

Azmon ๐Ÿ™‚


Poverty – WYD Fill Me In!

Here is my comic for this topic! …… POVERTY!!!!

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Interview with CM DHAR!!

Hey Guys and Dolls as Dhar would say! Its me Azmon and today i had the honour in interviewing CM Dhar!

So here we go! the interview went like this!

Ok 1st question

Azmon: As we know the end of WYDians Journal event ends tomorrow and everybody wants to win the big prize! Is there a tigth competiton?

CM Dhar: There is, Im having a headache on choosing the winners. i dont want blogs that dont win to feel mad or jealous so im thinking carefully

Azmon: Now everyone knows that you love Pink! Is there any reason why you love it so much?

CM Dhar: Coz tough guys wear pink! and its unusual for a guy to where pink! And it looks Sexy! I have plenty of pink t shits inย real life.

Azmon: So if you such a tough guy you must get alot of girls RIGHT!

CM Dhar: NONE!ย  haha. for 1 and a half years i dont have someone on my arm! Reason: they said im too selfish. Dont know why!

Azmon: Now as everybody has probably figured out there are soon and hopeful releases of New mounts, Armour, Wepaons and new events! Can you tell us about any of them!

CM Dhar: Ohh I regret to inform you that we still dont have a tentative date to release it as well as to give info about it. All i can tell you is it is already up in our test server so its just a matter of time. We are still doing some localisations on some items.

Azmon: Will there be another season of WYDians Journal??

CM Dhar: There will be! probably on November just to think of fair and new rules so noone will ever complain if they dont feel it is fair or unfair.

Azmon: Will there be new prizes?

CM Dhar: Yeah, Im think of ideal stones or godpacks!

Azmon: And daily prizes?

CM Dhar: hmm for daily probably Laks or maybe Water M’s!

Azmon: Oo Nice!! ๐Ÿ˜€

CM Dhar: U know i have to get approval from my lvl100 bosses

Azmon: It seems that all the Cm’s are disappearing! Its only you and Aruman now! What happened?

CM Dhar: Cm Nyx was transferred to another department same as CM T! She was transferred aswell. Both transferred into WYD departments

Azmon: Will you and Aruman get transferred and then no more CM’s?

CM Dhar: No. Hehe

Azmon: So now for some favourtism! Which GM do you like the most??ย 

CM Dhar: GM God! hehe Nah i dont have favourite! but i get along with Loki and Nemisis very well!

Azmon: Do you have a favourite Player???

CM Dhar: Oh You know that if i answered that I will get criticized by a simon cowll type of player and anyway I treat palyers in the same manners. NUMBER 1 RULE OF CM!ย  No favouritism!

Azmon: Well with that Simon Cowell remark i would say you are from America!! ๐Ÿ˜›

CM Dhar: Im from Lalaland! Besides lots of people watch American idol!

Azmon: Well thankyou CM Dhar for letting me interview you! Do you have any thing to say to the people who are reading my blog right now!?! ๐Ÿ˜€

CM Dhar: OH! Hello Guys and Dolls! Thankyou fro reading Azmon’s Blog. And i really appreciate your continous support to our game and our community events!

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

Well there you have it Guys and Dolls! Thats all from Dhar and I’s interview!

I hope you have enjoyed it!

Bye bye and have a great day!

Azmon ๐Ÿ˜›

The Lost Boar!

Hey Guys and Girls!

This is another one of my storys so here we go!

This on is titled The Lost Boar!

One Day a boar was walking around in a field when suddenly he had wondered away fom his family and now he was lost!

Nobody seemed to want to Help this young boar. So he searched around and saw these death devices and feared for the worst

He was scared so much that he ran away from that place so fast nobody even saw him. He ran into his friend The Griffin. The Griffin agreed to help his friend and flew him up above the sky so he could see all around him and help find his family!

It Obviously wasnt BOB! So the Boar went and sat by a bridge thinking that he might not see his family again!

But he knew that he had to keep searching for his family!

So he rushed to Azran as Quick as he could! ๐Ÿ˜€

So withs the little Boars family trapped he searched for somebody who could help him release them!

THEN SUDDENLY! ๐Ÿ˜€ GM Loki appeared in front of the little Boar. Loki said that it was impossible to remove those boars because they belonged to her. But she said that the little boar could stay in there with his family and GM loki would take care of them! So the little boar had a smile on his face and moved in with his family! ๐Ÿ™‚

The the little Boar was very very Happy and hugged his mum and dad and BOB and all of his family and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!




Dateless :(

Hey guys and girls!

Today I will be telling youย a story about 1 boy, and all he wanted was date for the WYD Royal Ball! This is how the story goes!!


One day a young foema named Azmon walked around Armia town in search for a Date for the up and coming WYD GLOBAL ROYAL BALL! So he started asking people that he thought were HOT! ๐Ÿ˜€ And this is his story!


Maybe Forlearner will want to go with me?? Hmm???

Maybe Noatun will have some ladies for me to take to the Ball??? Hmmmmm

CRAP!! Maybe Azran have some sweeties for me!!

OH MY GOD!!! Nobody wants to go to the Ball with meย  WAAAAAAAAAAA! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Azmon was shattered with the bad news. But he was determined to find a date for the WYD Royale Ball

So he searched for a girl in Snow Town and saw Shaman. He noticed that she was beautiful and he knew SHE WOULD BE THE ONE!!!

So Azmon didnt find aย date. But he had the guts to show up at the Ball with no date

And he stood on the balcony looking down on everybody having a great time

The Azmon realized that………..Nobody in the world loved him. How could he go on in life he if he knew that nobody loved him or even cared about him. So he looked through a candle fire and saw his life flash before his eyes.

He saw him alone forever and ever. He couldnt take the pain so he asked for the God of death who sat at his almighty throne and Azmon asked to be put to sleep and never be woken up so thats exactly what he did.

The Azmon’s Soul drifited up to heaven and he was never seen again



MONSTER DAILY ft. Azran Field PART 1

Well the final week for WYD Blog Season 2 and the competition is getting tough!

My name is Azmon and I WANT AN ANCIENT WEAPON xD!!

So I have to try my best so Im sticking to my WEAPONRY and continuing my MONSTER DAILY!!

SO here we go. ๐Ÿ˜€ย As you probably know Azran field is massive so this is only part 1!!ย  I will continue it untill the end of the season!!

So lets start.

So as you walk out to Azran Field you will see little orange monsters who probably remind you of Gremlins. Well if you were thinking that Aruman hadย  painted some gremlins orange you would be WRONG! The correct answer would be that you are getting bitten by a Ghoul. Ghouls have extremly sharp teeth that can pierce throught the toughest of things and if you happen to get bitten by a Ghoul then WYD health and saftey advises you to SCREAM all over your Guild, Civil and Shout chats untill everyone knows that you got bitten by a Ghoul. Then you will be taken into Medical treatment and be tested for RABIES!!!

If you read my other blog about Armia Field you would know that this looks like a Carbungkle Wind. Well you are correct! This does look like a carbunckle wind BUT…… This one is just a simple Carbunkle. These little creatures have the ability to cast devestating Lightning Spells that can fry chicken on CM Dhars BBQ on a Sunday morning. These little creatures get there source from a MASSIVE pimple on there forehead. If you squeeze the pimple all there power will disappear and you will die because all that puss went into your mouth. Then you will wake up after one of those UGLY FOEMA NPC”S give you mouth to mouth and you will go to hospitalย  and once again get tested for RABIES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

How here is a monster that you dont want to mess with!! This is a Minotaur. These huge and powerful beasts can knock out Mike Tyson in 1 blow to the head. These things are short tempered and are attracted to the colour red. Its like a bull can stand up!! These things also run very fast because they spend most of their time running after CM Dhar and his pig!ย ย ย ย ย  REST IN PEACE Sir Oinks Alot

As I was walking through Azran Fields I noticed that there was an AGMO GHOUL. Agmo’s drop very nice armours, items or maybe even GOLD! That is why I killed this thing instantly. It is not often that you see AGMO’s around so If you do ever see 1 be sure to kill it or it will kill YOU!!!!!

Also near the Gods Garden there are lots and lots of Carbunkles and High Carbunckles. These High Carbunckles have Infected Pimples on there head so they have more power. And if you do squeeze it then you might die because not only do you have allย ICKY stuff in your mouth You have noone to save you because that Foema NPC who saved you said she didnt like you because when she saved you, you said EWWWW UR FACE IS UGLY U LOOK LIKE KEPHRA then -GrimmJow- came and started kissing the Foema NPC and then Kephra found out and ate -GrimmJow-. And now your dead because you have all that stuff in your mouth and up your nose so you cant breath. So now your pretty much OVER!

And Now the king of the Ghoul Family….. The ChiefGhoul. The Chief gets everything he wants and has his teeth sharpened everyday incase of tresspassers. So BEWARE! This Chief has a very very very short Tempar. He is always MAD! When his baby was born he was MAD! When he got married he was MAD! When he got DIVORCED HE WAS HAPPY because he hated that silly blonde Foema NPC who goes around mouth to mouthing people so that they can live but after the divorce he was still MAD!! SO the moral to that story was DONT MAKE HIM MAD BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER DO IT BECAUSE HE ALWAYS IS!! :S



GM SEXY AND GM FURY set out with a group of WYDians to kill Kephra!! They killed Kephra In SV3

This was the Partying of the KK (KILL KEPHRA) TEAM.


Welcome to the WYD Insider.

My name is Azmon and I will be your host today ๐Ÿ˜€

Todays Topic will be…….. The Where Am I event!

NOW!….. The Where am i event is based on a Hide n Seek Genre. One of the CM’s or possible GM’s Hide in a location in WYD and its up to the WYDians to find Him/Her. The WYDian who finds the CM first win 5 laks. You must know and familiarize all the places in WYD to have a good chance in this event. This event happens 4 times a day: 01:00, 08:00, 13:00 and 19:00 game time.

This event ends on the 7th of October. Which is quite sad because everyone in my opinion loves this event and everybody would love for this to be a daily event just like the Games Of The Generals.

In this event, CM Dhar, CM Tonbarry and CM Aruman hide and you must find them. Sorry I only have pictures of Dhar but if you have seen this man, trade him fast and you could get yourself 5 laks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankyou and GOODNIGHT !ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€